My Young Living Story

Perhaps I should tell you a bit about the Essential Oils of Young Living and why I LOVE them.  Around June of 2015 I began receiving very strong guidance to get some Essential Oils.  I now know that God was trying to answer my prayers; but at that time, I was just very tired, overwhelmed and was trying to keep up with the extra responsibilities that some major life changes had brought into my life.  So, being a good listener, when I felt guided, I did what I have always done in the past when I felt like I needed to get some Essential Oils, I headed off to Whole Foods, because, after all, their really good and organic too.  Right?  

But, when I got there I felt very clear that these were not the oils I was suppose to get.  MInd you, at this time I still did not even really know why I needed them.  I did not buy any oils that day, however I did see diffuser that was running and that really resonated as something I was suppose to get for my family. 

So, I went home and began doing my research.  After asking many friends, whom I love and trust, I kept hearing about Young LIving.  Now, I need to tell you that I actually did not want the answer to be Young Living.  See, I had heard of them many years before, and I already new they were a (dreaded) Network Marketing company.  What I didn't know was how naive I was being about Network Marketing, or DIrect Selling, or Relationship Marketing..  However, I continued to do my research and found out why Young Living Oils are different.  I also found out that I did not need to purchase anything I did not want, there were no purchase minimums, no requirement to sell or of any kind and I could simply be a Wholesale Member (like BJs). 

In the end, I could not deny that I was being guided, and strongly so, to purchase the Young Living Essential Oils.  And I can only Thank God that I did listen and give them a try.    

Today, I have far more energy and feel so much healthier.  Today, I know God was sending me the Help I had been Praying for.  I had no idea all the amazing things that True Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils could do for my health.  I had tried EO on and off over many times over the years (I am, after all, a Board Certified Holistic Nurse, and I knew, In Theory, EO were supposed to work).  However, I never had any impressive results and always just stopped working with them. 

Now, I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since July 2015; these oils have completely revolutionized my health and my lIfe, and how I take care of myself and my family.  I use them Everyday, topically, internally, and aromatically. 

I can only say, if you have found yourself reading this, please continue to read more on the other Essential Oils Pages under the Essential Oils tab on this website, there is a lot more information to be had here.  And then, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I would be so very happy to share with you what I now know about these amazing Oils. 

Wishing you Love, Peace and Infinite Blessings ~ Toni