Reiki Healing Sessions

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Healing The Center

*this is a private residence with a designated studio/healing space


Please contact me for more information regarding DISTANT HEALING SESSIONS

My Reiki Healing Sessions are 
are approximately 1 & 1/2 hours long. 

This includes the Pre & Post session Guidance. 

Sessions are performed with the client lying on a massage table while fully clothed.

Reiki healing treatments feel like a deep meditation,

or like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

My Reiki Healing Sessions include
Pre-Session Guidance - For those who would like, we will take time before your session

to discuss your concerns and to set an intention for your session. 

I will explain how Reiki works and what to expect from your session. 

 Post-Session Guidance - After your session, we will take a few minutes

to discuss your experience &/or any guidance you may have received during your session,

as well as any guidance I may have received during the session.  

Types of Reiki Energy and Techniques used in My Reiki Healing Sessions

Usui / Holy Fire Reiki - This is the lineage of Reiki I am attuned to, and is the base energy of all my Reiki Sessions.  Usui Reiki is aligned with Divine Love.

Karuna Reiki
- This energy is aligned with Divine Compassion, and is woven into the Reiki Session as I am guided.  

Christ Heart Reiki™ -  This energy is aligned with Divine Truth and calls in the Healing Energies and Guidance of the Arch Angels, Overseen and Illuminated by the Christ Light/Energy of Jesus. 

Byosen Scanning -  This technique is used to Clear and Heal the Aura and is done just prior to the hands-on portion of your Reiki  session.  By treating the Aura first, your energy field will be able to accept the Reiki more completely.   

Healing Crystals - If I am so guided, I may use Reiki Charged Healing Crystals during your session.  Crystals are known for their healing properties.  In a Reiki Treatment Session Crystals are used to increase and/or refine the frequency or vibration of the healing energies that are being channeled. 

Essential Oils - I use only Young Living Essential Oils for their Purity and High Vibrational qualities. 

Essential Oils are used per the guidance I receive for your session.

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowels and Reiki Drumming -  Crystals Singing Bowels and Drumming are both known to promote deep and profound healing in the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  When combined with Reiki Energy, the healing effects of the Singing Bowls and Drumming are even more profound. 

~Wishing You Love & Peace on Your Journey