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Reiki Healing Sessions

ALL TREATMENT SESSIONS are conducted at: 

Healing The Center
102A George Wilton Dr.
Clayton, NC
*this is a private residence with a designated studio/healing space

My Reiki Healing Sessions are 
are approximately 1 & 1/2 hours long. 

This includes the Pre & Post session Guidance. 

Sessions are performed with the client lying on a massage table while fully clothed.

Reiki healing treatments feel like a deep meditation,

or like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

My Reiki Healing Sessions include
Pre-Session Guidance - For those who would like, we will take time before your session

to discuss your concerns and to set an intention for your session. 

I will explain how Reiki works and what to expect from your session. 

 Post-Session Guidance - After your session, we will take a few minutes

to discuss your experience &/or any guidance you may have received during your session,

as well as any guidance I may have received during the session.  

Types of Reiki Energy and Techniques used in My Reiki Healing Sessions

 Usui / Holy Fire Reiki - This is the lineage of Reiki I am attuned to, and is the base energy of all my Reiki Sessions.  Usui Reiki is aligned with Divine Love.

 Karuna Reiki
- This energy is aligned with Divine Compassion, and is woven into the Reiki Session as I am guided.  

Christ Heart Reiki™ -  This energy is aligned with Divine Truth and calls in the Healing Energies and Guidance of the Arch Angels, Overseen and Illuminated by the Christ Light/Energy of Jesus. 

Byosen Scanning -  This technique is used to Clear and Heal the Aura and is done just prior to the hands-on portion of your Reiki  session.  By treating the Aura first, your energy field will be able to accept the Reiki more completely.   

Healing Crystals - If I am so guided, I may use a few Reiki Charged Healing Crystals during your session.  Crystals are known for their healing properties.  In a Reiki Treatment Session Crystals are used to increase and/or refine the frequency or vibration of the healing energies that are being channeled. 

Essential Oils - I use only Young Living Essential Oils for their Purity and High Vibrational qualities. 

Essential Oils are used per the guidance I receive for your session.

Sound Healing -  If I am so guided, I may include Chanting and/or Toning during your Reiki Treatment Session. 

These techniques are also known to increase and/or refine the frequency or vibration of healing energies that are being channeled.

Reiki Drumming -  Drumming is known to promote deep and profound healing in the mental, physical and emotional bodies.  When combined with Reiki Energy, the healing effects of Drumming are even more profound. 

~Wishing You Love & Peace on Your Journey~