Christ Heart Reiki®

Christ Heart Reiki® first appeared to me as a symbol during my Reiki Master Training in August of 2005.  During my training, I had the experience of meeting Jesus as my Reiki Guide.  It was at this time that He introduced me to Christ Heart Reiki®

 The Christ Heart Reiki System of Cosmic Realignment and Balancing 

is overseen by Jesus.  Christ Heart Reiki is here now to assist with Planetary Ascension.  Planetary Ascension is a necessarily Wholistic Process that requires ALL living beings on the planet, the planet itself and all non-living matter, to be cleansed of any and all toxic cellular memories.  I have been using Christ Heart Reiki Sessions with clients for nearly a decade with remarkable success. 

The first Christ Heart Reiki Foundations Class  was 1/7/17. 

For more information about Christ Heart Reiki Healing Sessions or Classes,

please see related pages on this site and then contact me directly. 

Infinite Love & Peace for your Journey ~ Toni