I wish I could say enough to convey to all of you how deeply healing, beautiful and transformative, on so many levels, it is to take a Reiki Class.  Not to mention that afterwards you can do Reiki on yourself, add it to your meditation, use it in your home and with family, friends, pets, anyone!  The uses are unlimited.

Reiki acknowledges that we are Body, Mind & Spirit.  That we are made up of more than that which is seen.  Reiki will enable you to connect deeper to the Spirit within.   Reiki invites you to explore that part of you which is felt, but not seen. 

Reiki calls your attention to your personal energy field (or Bio-field as science is now calling it).  Everything affects your energy field.  Your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions and your intentions!  Your energy field (your personal environment) also affects your surrounding environment (and those in it).  

Indeed, YOUR energy field affects the entire world!  We are all, in every moment, emitting or sending out vibrations from our energy field through our words, thoughts, actions & intentions.  We, like ripples on a pond, are impacting and so co-creating our environment in every moment.  

Additionally, we are all on the receiving end of the energy (often toxic) of people and the world around us.  Reiki enables you to cleanse and protect your energy field.  Done on a regular basis, this prevents toxins from becoming lodged in your energy field and blocking your energetic pathways.  A toxic and blocked energy system is believed to be the origin of many imbalances and diseases in the physical body. 

RECEIVING REGULAR REIKI TREATMENTS is one of the most powerful ways you can CLEAR, HEAL & PROTECT yourself  mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  And, taking a REIKI CLASS and learning to "SELF REIKI" is the most COST EFFECTIVE way to Create & Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Energy System.