The Sacred Tarot

Tarotology is the theoretical basis for the reading of Tarot cards, a subset of cartomancy, which is the practice of using Tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by posing a question to the cards. 

Tarot Reading, when combined with the Sacred Healing Practice of Reiki, lends itself very well, and has an affinity for, being used as an Essential Tool in Healing Sessions.  As such, Sacred Tarot Reading can be considered among one of the Sacred Healing Arts.

If one takes time to consider, even briefly, how God, Source, Spirit, etc. is to communicate with us; we will intuitively know that Tarot Reading is a most natural and logical way for Spirit to accomplish this.  Meditation, once considered to be only for Zen masters and hippies, is now recognized by most people as a valuable tool for connecting with their Higher Power. 

However, if meditation practice has left you feeling less than clear regarding the Universal Spirit's guidance for you, you may want to consider the benefits of a Sacred Tarot Reading, which offers Clear and Concise Guidance and Direction for the Highest Good for your Life Journey. 


Enhancing Conscious Contact

Gaining Insight & Direction

Affirming Guidance & Intuition

Spirit Speaks Tarot Love

Reiki Tarot Readings for Life Guidance