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Reiki Tarot Readings for Life Guidance

What are Sacred Tarot Readings?

Sacred Tarot Readings are Tarot Readings that are done with the Intention of Receiving Guidance and Direction to assist with Understanding and Navigating one's Life Path, rather than for any fortune telling or predictive type of use.   In a Sacred Tarot Reading, the cards are used with INTENTION to Deepen one's Connection to and Relationship With Source.

In a Sacred Tarot Reading, you will receive Specific Information and Guidance on how to Best Navigate your Life for the Best and Highest Outcome for your given question, situation or issue. 

A Sacred Tarot Reading will use Methods for Creating an Energetic Opening, thus allowing for Connecting with the Divine and  intentionally working with only the most High/Holy and Enlightened Beings, such as those that reside in the “Third Heaven”. 

During a Sacred Tarot Reading, both you and your Tarot Professional will be able to work together from a place of Greater Receptivity than you are likely to be accustom to.  This is due to the effect of the Energetic Opening upon Your Energy System which will allow your Intuition Centers to be Activated to a far Greater degree than they  usually are.