Christ Heart Reiki®

  • Is Overseen by Jesus;
  • Is Conducted by Jesus & The Archangels;
  • Assists and accelerates the shift from Ego to Divine Truth;
  • Clears and opens the Ascending or High Heart Chakra;
  • Deeply Clears, Heals, Balances & Realigns us with our True Cosmic Nature;
  • Accelerates the evolution of our Awareness of, and Alignment with, the Divine Truth of the Cosmic Christ;
  • Develops our ability to Align with the Vibration and Frequency of, and so Present the Healings of, Jesus and the Archangels; 
  • Assists in dissolving the limiting beliefs about the physical world separating Us from the Benevolent and Powerful Assistance of, and Alignment with, The Amazing Field of the Cosmic Christ;
  • Assists us to live more comfortably in the 3D world;
  • Awakens us to connect with the Empowerment & Healing of Mother Earth & all of Her inhabitants.

What Is Christ Heart Reiki?

Christ Heart Reiki is aligned with Divine Truth

In its most simple form, CHR works to bring about

Harmonious Change from ego to Divine Truth